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Moodle Readings

December- The World Wide Web Unleashed

  • Details the history behind the world wide web and designates communication as the key feature of cyberspace.

Virilio- Red Alert in Cyberspace!

  • Instantaneity and the reliance on speed on the Internet will cause trauma and disturb our sense of time and space.

Benedikt- Cyberspace: First Steps

  • Discusses the three worlds and how cyberspace has displaced world 3.

McAllister- Stugying the Computer Game Complex

  • Why we should study computer games (psychological, economic, and instructional forces), and whether or not computer games lead to RL violence,

McAllister- A Grammar of Gamework- recommended reading

Do Artifacts Have Politics-recommended reading

Playing Research: Methodoligical Approaches to Game Analysis

  • Methodology of how to study games: 1. play the game 2. watch others play the game 3. interact with producers of the game and learn the setup/world of the game.

A Rape in Cyberspace

  • Discusses the line between VR and RL pertaining to a Mr. Bungle raping another avatar in LambdaMoo

How Computer Systems Embody Values

  • Expresses the importance of actively placing ethical values within the design of cyberspace and warns of technological determinism.

What is Hactivism

Hacktivist Article

Cyborg Manifesto--clarification from Professor Richards

Who You Are on Facebook.

  • Discusses that people's Facebook avatar is not as different from who they are in real life as people had thought.

Social Networking Websites and Teen Texts

  • Provides key statistics pertaining to teen web and social network usage.

  • Discusses relationships online and the recent trend of online dating/matchmaking

Aimee Gonzales Speaks Out

  • Discusses how Aimee Gonzales was affected by the film, Catfish.

Movies Watched in Class


Social Network, The

Tron (1982)

GoogleBooks Preview of Required Textbooks


Cyber Racism

Cyber Racism--White Supremacy Online and the New Attack on Civil Rights

Convergence Culture


Virtual Reality Inventory Form

Notes on Class Readings

TO- Outlines

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