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Cyberliteracy -The ability to use computer technologies effectively and to simultaneously understand the implications of those actions. It is also important to know where to go to find reliable and accurate resources in cyberspace.

Cyberliteracy, in the understanding of Professor Gurak, must mean more than just being able to use the technology but to have a consciousness of one's actions. Examples of cyberliteracy include:

  • Being able to judge the legitimacy of a website
  • Safe searching/downloading practices against viruses and phishing scams
  • Being able to follow and interact with non-linear conversation through posts
  • Knowing which information you can and can't safely put onto social networking sites
  • Being aware of this time in space and the consequences
  • An electronic literacy, not just a computer literacy
  • A consciousness of what we are doing online and motivations.
  • Reach, anyonymity, interactivty , speed

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