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Source and Intended AudienceEdit

E! Online is a news source relating to entertainment, fashion, movie, event and celebrity updates. The intended audience is directed to those who want to keep up with Hollywood A through C-Listers in their free time. E!’s webpages ranges from paparazzi photos, videos, Fashion Police, red carpet photos, movie updates, gossip, and show pages.

Relation to CyberculturesEdit

It is an interactive website in which people can write in comments to stories, vote on “Who Wore it Best”, and stream episodes onto devices. It is accessible to all with Internet and convergesinto one website that includes cultural, social, and fashion into one website.

E! Online can garner towards to the fan fiction side by giving the public inside articles and behind the scenes looks to their favorite TV shows, movies, and celebrities. New Media is also involved where user feedback and community participation occurs. Many negative personas flame on sharing and community boards (similar to those of E! Online’s), but those are mostly monitored by employees.

E! Online is viewed by 6 million different US users per month, and it serves as a successful platform for those interested in entertainment sector of Hollywood living. Though the fashion and celebrity gossip may not apply to all people, those interested in movies or television can gain insight and knowledge from articles published by E! Online.