A Timeline of Media MediumsEdit

1440 - Printing Press - Gutenberg

1837 - Telegraph - Morse

1880s/90s -Radio -Tesla / Marconi / Edison

1925 - Television - Farnsworth

1946 -"Original Computer"

1957 - Transistor Computers (time period also involved the development of satellites, vital in Internet development)

1972 - Contemporary Computer (with Microprocessor and Supercomputers ) - IBM /HP

1972 - First Interface Coding for E-Mail (originally, commodity internet only linked major cities via underground cables (ie. ethernet, land connections)

Video (Watched In Class)Edit


Defining Cyberculture Edit

Cyberspace - (Personal Definition) - Technological Consciousness, a means of communication between the personal mind and the outside world and other minds, all housed in an interconnected web of technological consciousness.

Ethics - can we / should we use technology in certain situations to create life?

Biological - ability to transcende biology and society to create new forms/definitions of life.

Uses of Cyberculture- changing time/space perspective ; regulation of society ; entertainment ; control

Cyberspace Vs. Cybercultures -a culture holds morals and values ; contains social constructs, involves an infastructure shared by a group ; a culture is the artifacts humans create both in life and humanity

Benedikt ReadingsEdit

a copy of the Benedik readings (for reference)

There are 3 worlds (according to Sir Karl Popper):

World One: Objective world or material, natural things and their physical properties
World Two: Subjective world of consciousness
World Three: Objective or Abstract, involving complex structures (not solely products of the mind)

Cyberspace transcendes world three, and displaces our definition of what a "structure" is

There are four threads in the development of Cyberculture and the third world:

Thread One: The mythology of cyberspace that we create (the grand narrative we create).
Thread Two: Changing technology (the making obsolete of former technology)
Thread Three: Architecture (going for a heavenly architecture / utopia)
Thread Four: Mathematics leading to new language / logic creation