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US Law for Online Content
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Defamation *Slander (spoken language) + Libel (written)

  • Clauses:
    • Prove that its patently false.
    • Prove malicious intent of action. To damage the reputation of the person/context
    • Ex. Tom Cruise in Gossip Magazines, or cyberbullies

Intellectual Property Law

  • Copyright- “original work fixed in a tangible medium”... emails in Social Network worked as something tangible.
  • Fair use
    1. Purpose of use- brand new purpose, doesn’t conflict with original purpose. we are using our wiki for an educational purpose, new purpose.
    2. Nature of the work- taking a small segment of a poem and turning it into something else. Weird Al, Eat It, parody
    3. Amount used- if you take a whole picture, then its in violation of fair use. 4 lines of a poem, and one chapter of a book in different segments.
    4. Effect of market- the person who takes the poem is violating the poet’s market share.
    5. LOTS OF GRAY AREA. YouTube video in the movie!

Catfish. Is it in violation of fair use? Effect on market share? Would it hurt her or help her? What about the effect on Aimee Gonzales?

Question in Group Work? Does Aimee Gonzales deserve compensation for what happened to her? If so, what does she deserve? If not, why not?

What responsibility do Niv and other filmmakers hold in this deception? *filmmakers shouldn’t be held responsible because of their role and nature of position

  • copyright infringement but we’ll probably never truly know.
  • are they responsible for

Did Niv have a real relationship with anyone?

  • fragments of many people, but not an entire person

What is your response to Angela’s behaviors? Can you understand her point of view and actions? Or do you find them pathological?

  • fill voids in her life, not pathological
  • pathological, unable to understand them as mentally competent people
  • understand actions coming from a schizophrenic
  • some trouble with her mental state, felt trapped

Is this a documentary or is it staged? Does this matter?*RR believes it to be entirely fake

  • shows us our bad tendencies with believing the media
  • we are Niv
  • I don’t buy that... want to belief the plot