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Cyber Feminism

1st Wave of US Feminism

  • Abigail Adams 1744-1818 US
  • Mary Wollstonecraft 1759-1797, England
  • Phillis Weatley 1750-1784
  • Sojourner Truth
  • Elizabeth Cady Stanton
  • Susan B Anthony

Seneca Falls Convention *1848 Seneca Falls, for 2 days

  • Lucretia Mott was guest speaker, quaker
  • EC Stanton and Frederick Douglas, women and African Americans
  • Declaration of Sentiments: signed by 68 women and 32 men, rights for women
  • Held a national convention every year till 1860, then stopped for Civil War

Women Suffragist *Suffragette- term from UK, attempts to soften the actions of women suffragists

  • 1870: 15th amendment
  • 1920: 19th amendment, New Zealand 1893, Finland 1906, USSR 1917

End of 1st Wave

2nd Wave *1950’s- stay at home mom stereotype, articles about how to be a good mom/wife

  • 1960’s
    • term feminism turned to feminisms
    • Simone de Beauvoir “the Second Sex” one is not born a woman
    • woman is a cultural construct that is subservient to man
  • 1960’s-1980’s
    • feminist stereotypes
    • Betty Friedan: The Feminine Mystique, problem with no name?
    • Gloria Steinem: Ms. Magazine, first feminist magazine
    • Conscious Raising Groups (CR)
    • Combahee River Collective
  • 1974-1980
    • Intersectionality of race, class, and gender. Materiality of lived conditions are different. Branching of feminist thought
    • CRC statement
    • Audre Lorde, Beverly Smith, and Barbara Smith all contributors
  • Chicana Feminism
    • Gloria Anzaldu 1942-2004
    • Borderlands- La Frontera, The New Mestiza doesn’t fit anywhere, identities can change over time

3rd Wave *response to 2nd wave shortcomings

  • complicates issues of sexuality, gender ID, performance, race, culture
  • Feminist Punk, Riot Grrls, Seattle hotspot for feminism

Terminology *Sex- A biological expression related to chromosomes, sex organs, hormones and other physical features. Anne-Fausto Sterling argues there are at least 5 sexes, now maybe up to 12

  • Gender- Cultural significance a body acquires, one not born a woman, gender is a socially constructed and embodied
  • Sexuality- practices, beliefs, and identities associated with erotic desires
  • Patriarchy- rule by male authority
  • misogyny- hatred or dislike of female, prejudice
  • feminism- movement to end sexist exploitation, sexism, and sexist oppression.
  • Cyborgs not fem-bots
    • Sadie Plant- women theorized about the Internet, chatter, natter, work and play
    • Jessie Daniels- sustained focus on gender and digital technologies
    • Haraway- rely on technology. Use tech in an ironic and blasphemous way that is oppositional, utopian, and completely without innocence.
    • RR- subversive while playful. hopeful even if hostile

Cyborgs Unite*Unlike Frankenstein, cyborg does not mean it belongs to one entitity

  • terminator- technology has history of militarism, comes from violence
  • We are cyborgs. List of things we depend on: email, phone, GPS, cars, modern medicine, Internet, glasses/contacts, video review,
  • People survive because of technologies: amputees, pacemakers, cancer survivors
  • How does it shape our politics: fight for funding for new technology
  • Be aware of our alliances to technology
  • I holla back- website - Stop Street Harassment