Back to Cyber Racism January.16.2012/January.17.2012 ~ Cyber Racism

Background on Jessie Daniels *PhD in Sociology

  • Associate Professor of Urban Public Health
  • Worked with Patricia Hill Collins
  • Extensive archival research on print-based white supremacy writing

Major Ideas *Cyber Racism

  • Cyberactivism
  • Epistemology and epistemology of white supremacy
  • white supremacy
  • whiteness
  • translocal whiteness
  • white racial frame
  • Internet
  • Globalization
  • Actual vs. potential harm
  • Active vs. passive participants
  • heteronormativity

Cyber racism is either portrayed as equal to cyberactivism or not equal to cyberactivism, but it is a much more complex topic.

Cyberactivism~ Proliferation of social movement orgs that avail themselves of Internet technologies to further their goals, often include promoting a more inclusive democratic society.

Cyber Racism~ refers to a range of white supremacist movements in Europe and NA and to the new horizons the Internet and digital media have opened for expression of whiteness across national boundaries.

Epistemology*studies of issues having to do with the creation and determination of knowledge in particular areas of inquiry.

  • Knowledge → justified true belief
  • JTB relies on evidence
  • Evidence can be produced by anyone in cyberspace.
  • White Supremacy as Epistemology
    • racial hierarchy where white is the dominant racial identity.
    • supports a notion of white and whiteness born out of a perceived biological, national, social, and ideological affiliations.
    • what is whiteness?

Whiteness *“Unmarked racial identity or the belief in an unmarked racial identity” - Ruth Frankenburg

  • “A privileged racialized class in the uS built around historical, economic, and ideological motivations” - David R
  • “Race in UK is constructed socially, politically, and ideologically, to secure and maintain capitalism. Whitness is the dominant mode of stratification.” - Paul Gilroy
  • “Maintenance of white privilege without fanfare, operates under colorblindness”
  • “Spectrum...” RR

Important things to Consider *whiteness and white supremacy are not the same

  • whiteness allows for certain epistemologies of WS to go unchecked
  • not a study of how whites are bad. Study of how power circulates through practice of racialization. Same with masculinity concept.

The Internet *Electronic networks that connect ppl and info through computers and other digital devices allowing person-to-person communication and info retrieval.

Globalization *goods, money, people, ideas, media across time, space, and national boundaries. Digital diaspora

Translocal whiteness *notion of whiteness with roots in a locality. Example Professor Richards identifies as white, but so might a middle eastern man across the world.

The story of Richard Machado *caught writing a racist email

  • stats of populations in CA... Asian percentage in area 29.8 (10.9 in state), Latino percentage in area 7.9 (32.4 in state)
  • boundaries of whiteness are quite flexible
  • assimilation of white racial fram- a framingof self as dominant racial category
  • he was punished, but rightfully so? Legitamately white people are convicted of racial slurs and not punished...
  • only man of color to be charged for this type of action

Dr. Duke *in member

  • supporter of KKK
  • kicked out when affiliation became known

Stormfront- relies on heteromnormative thought

Gender and Stormfront *heteronormative masculinity- assumes male is heterosexual

  • control of women’s sexual identity
    • contradictions of female stormfront members
    • liberal feminism and male domination
      • prochoice/proabortion does not fit masculine thought
      • talking about abuse and how the women got back at their men
      • discussion ended in white supremacy frame of mind though
  • Web 2.0 changes the resistive texts back to prevailing white supremacist ideology
  • white masculinity acts as a ghost of the machine

Case Studies- What can be funny and what crosses the line? Our generation thinks we are in a post-racial era, but we aren’t*Seinfeld Comedian

  • Alexandra and Asians
  • Black comedian about chicken
  • Yo is this racist website?
  • and the game online- didn’t see