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Reaction to Tron 3 main questions *What’s interesting about tron? (limitlessness of technology, grow stronger than humans, Nazi Germany)

    • emotionality and sentience of programs, attachment of humans to programs
    • continuum of user → programs... Was the girl’s actions cheating or are there two separate identities because of user and programs
  • Issues about Tron?
    • special effects: do they really add to the plot?
    • narrative: time-frame, was their mission restricted by time? how did time play a role in the plot?
  • Transmedia storytelling?
    • what does it add or take away? video game and film
    • makes you more invested in what you’re watching
    • adds excitement to the game, can picture the programs doing these races

Terminology Review

Transmedia storytelling~ telling a story through and across multiple forms of media. Each media is a self-contianed unit but should also add to the whole experience. Selling a world and protes active viewer participation.

Media/Medium: means of communicating a message across a platform. Chair, TV, Radio, Internet

New Media: media that promotes interactivity, Web 2.0 software

Cyberculture: culture as a result of fast communication, artifacts that are created by the displacement of world 3 (monuments, social structures)

Convergence: assimilation of technology across multiple technologies

Black Box Fallacy: convergence is content based not technology based. There are multiple black boxes, will not converge into one giant black box

Collective Intelligence: sum > parts, red balloon finding, survivor spoiling

Affective Economics: based on emotional needs of consumers → purchasing goods.

Participation/Interactivity: more passive, not related to technology whereas interactivity is using technology to become active participants

Crowd Sourcing: crowd habits to predict consumer purchasing... Customers like you also purchased...

Cyberliteracy Mini-Lecture

Literacy Studies *prevalent in many fields

  • relative, tool, performative, proficiency, partial, oral, written

Computer +communication *Walter Ong’s second orality, both written and oral communication, but he thinks written is more advanced.

  • Electronic communication shares traits of both
  • Always On by _______

Cyberliteracy is about... *electronic literacy- beyond word shortcuts

  • understanding technology’s increased reach
  • cyberlitearcy is not a neutral value- where do we draw a line?
  • knowing how to do things, but its also about consciousness
  • performative, ability to communciate
  • going beyond being a user → active participant of the web

Cyberliteracy- is both the ability to implement technical knowledge and understand the implications of our actions, and interact with people. *4 things that allow for compression of time and space

    • Speed
      • casualness of literate practices
      • oralness
      • redundancy and repetitiveness
        • redundancy is getting same messages by multiple sources
        • repetitiveness is when sources that cycle through messages on face book, will disappear for a while then resurface
    • Reach
      • global village
      • multiplicity
      • lack of gatekeeping
      • visual reach
      • community
    • Anonymity
      • authorship and ownership
      • flaming
      • gender and sex
      • identity
    • Interactivity
      • pricacy
      • ecommerce and connections to consumers
      • access to inner circle
      • ability to talk back
      • two-way presence