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McAllister Reading on Gaming

Educational game titles *Oregon Trail

  • Jump Start
  • MCAT games
  • Leap Frog

Are video games good or bad? *middle

  • could provide communities/friends for kids, but also antisocial tendencies

7 layers of the computer game *hardware

  • program code
  • functionality- purpose, ability
  • game play- interaction between you and game
  • meaning- narrative, plot, missions
  • referentiality- to draw connections, reference it
  • socio-culture- representations of people, places and things

If you were to thoroughly analysis a game for academic purposes, you would focus on 2-4 of these layers or elements

3 pieces of Asthetic Analysis *Gameplay- players’ actions, strategies, motives

  • Game world- fictional content
  • Game structure- rules, how do you learn the game rules, tutorial, help settings

To properly analyze, you need to 1. play the game 2. observe others playing the game and 3. learn game rules and compare it to other games

4 Types of gamers *killers- agressive, relentless

  • achievers- play to win
  • socializers- enjoy company, interactivity
  • explorers- get to new levels, find things wrong with game
  • cheaters- all four types can become a cheater, use codes to cheat

What constitutes a game? *interactivity

  • play
  • rules
  • conflict
  • learning
  • strategy