The Social Netowork

Facebook movie cyber bullying

First scene of the movie

Comparing people, not voluntary, a form of cyber bullying. Stuff he wrote about Erica for everyone to see, also cyber bullying.

Space in which these technologies are emerging?

Motivations behind Facebook

Zuckerburg wants to translate social structure and relationships in an online setting. Not a utopian democratic place. Translating social relations and putting them online.

Had to go through exclusive space to make facebook the “cool thing”

Went from being a guy to make programs to find outcomes that he wanted, wants those things to come together

New attitude Sean Parker’s attitude toward the world

Logic of exceptualism- systems and structures onto him as a super man

Logic of a billion dollars instead of a million dollars

We are feeding it, we want to be a part of it, and it is a huge part of their social lives.

Zuckerburg wants to make it as big as it can be, there are no boudaries to what facebook can do

We are indirectly for this service by giving our information