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SourceEdit is a website used for live streaming of videogames being played by an individual or group of individuals to other people around the world. Gamers that range in skill from average to professional are allowed to stream here, as long as they maintain a base viewership of 300 viewers or more per session. Because of this most streamers are the top players for their respective games, though many are just community favorites that have chosen as their site to stream.

Intended AudienceEdit

Streams are aimed at gamers who seek additional knowledge from professionals on how to play the games they love, as well as those just looking to be entertained by the personalities of other gamers from around the world. There is also a chat function for viewers to use to both chat amongst each other as well as with the streamers themselves. In this way there is interaction between the streamer and their viewers, and it is often used as a way for them to connect with their fan base and answer any questions their viewers may have about them or the game.

Themes of Cybercultures and CyberspaceEdit

This resource seems to show a way in which people can converge from all over the world and discuss their favorite games and watch them being played. The website itself also represents a democracy online in many ways, since in order to have a stream you need a following, and those with a larger following are bumped to the front page. Because of this we as viewers are able to decide who we would like to continue watching, and which streamers do not entertain us enough to have their own channel. This also promotes the theme of instantaneity, as well as using the internet as a collective knowledge to better ourselves in some way, even if that knowledge is limited to a videogame.

Why This Was ChosenEdit

I myself watch streams here often, and I find it is a fun way to connect with the community and my favorite players within the games I like to play. This is a great resource for both long time gamers as well as those new to the scene.

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